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Essex Crossing

Essex Crossing is a new development in the Lower East Side. The goal of the account is to profile and sell the neighborhood highlighting the architecture, unique street culture, best food, drinks, galleries, and more.



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420 Kent

For folks wanting to move to Williamsburg to see there are better things further from the Bedford L and on the waterfront. To set a luxurious lifestyle standard for whats its like to live in a waterfront apt with massive greenspaces, pools, gyms, and courtyards.


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The Olivia

To showcase the lifestyle of living in luxury from Midtown West/Chelsea. Connecting the stories from businesses within this vibrant neighborhood to the potential residents who appreciate them the most.


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50 West

Our goal is to share inside life of what it is like to truly live in luxury, allowing our followers to dream a little more luxuriously. Currently, we have a campaign running called #Rea50ns where we highlight 50 reasons to live at 50 West.


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