Lever House

Making History, Again

At the time of its construction in 1952, Lever House was New York City’s first all-glass skyscraper. Its glistening green curtain walls, orderly gridded facade, and innovative use of space have made Lever House a universal symbol of all that is great about mid-century design. We’ve had the joy of working with Brookfield Properties, WatermanClark, and original architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill as they undertake an exciting $100 redevelopment project which will define Lever House as the next generation of modern workplace.


Teaser Site

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By focusing on some key architectural components – the order of grid, the priority of negative space, the trademark green glass – we were able to develop a brand suite consisting of color palette, typeface, and logo that ended up striking the perfect balance between modern and timeless.

Activating the Lever House brand meant designing elevated, modern pieces of collateral that also serve a functional purpose. At its core, the design of Lever House is as practical as it is beautiful, so we wanted these branded pieces to be objects that guests of Lever House would actually be excited to use.

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Building Photography

Our photo team set out to capture Lever House from all sorts of creative perspectives and angles, highlighting all the different shapes, textures, colors; those are the special details that might get missed at a glance, so we wanted to put them front and center.


In directing the rendering process, it was important to situate this landmark building within the context of a modern Park Avenue. The lighting, angles, time of day, foliage, even street traffic, every detail had to be considered in order to capture the unique offering created by this redevelopment.

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Teaser Site

As anticipation began to grow for Lever House’s grand re-opening, we needed to build a digital presence to introduce the new brand and start gathering inquiries. A teaser site is great because it combines elements of photo, design, web development, and custom animation to introduce a whole suite of brand elements with inputs from across multiple departments.

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