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Essex Crossing is a nine site mixed development project in New York City’s Lower East Side.  In 2013 NYC selected Delancey Street Associates LLC, a joint venture comprised of L+M Development Partners, BFC Partners, and Taconic Investment Partners, to develop Essex Crossing. The project will sit on a total of nine city blocks, most of them occupied by parking lots that replaced tenements razed in 1967. Essex Crossing will bring 1000 new residential spaces, 450,000 sq ft of office spaces and a world-class single stall marketplace called the Market Line to the area, and that’s just to name a few.



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Essex Crossing is bringing a lot to the neighborhood but there is a lot already there. This Manhattan neighborhood is packed with fantastic restaurants, great bars, beautiful art, shopping & more. Here are some shots from around the neighborhood.

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Animated Video

Ususally, we’re brought onto real estate projects before any buildings are actually built. In this case, we created an animated video showcasing the rich history of the Lower East Side and what Essex Crossing will be bringing in the future. We chose an animated approach to create an inviting atmosphere that would appeal to all audiences.

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Social Profiles

The Lower East Side is home to a huge range of ethnicities, backgrounds & cultures. The people of L.E.S. really make the neighborhood one of kind. We’ve had the pleasure to document some of the collest people in town.

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Essex Crossing
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Web Design

The Lower East Side neighborhood is innovative, colorful, and approachable, which is just how we wanted the Essex Crossing website to feel. Through simple line art, animated drawings, and an interactive map, we tell the story of Essex Crossing in a way that’s just as fun as it is informative.

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Essex Crossing
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Social Media

The Lower East Side is one of the few neighborhoods in NYC that despite all the changes, has kept it’s core values. It’s the neighborhood of the creatives, the dreamers, and the entrepreneurs. And that is the exact story we tell on social media. We highlight all there is to love in the LES, while sharing that Essex Crossing is not here to erase those values, it’s here to preserve.


We created a quarterly magazine to update the Lower East Side on Essex Crossing’s progress along the way. The magazine features spots to check out in the neighborhood, local art and artists, gallery, and more. Head down to the L.E.S. to grab a copy!

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