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Building an identity

QuallsBenson builds brands from scratch. We’ll work with you to create a brandmark that truly reflects what your business stands for. But there’s more to building a brand than just a logo. We’ll expand on those values across multiple medias and platforms to really make your mark on the industry.


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One Blue Slip

Greenpoint Landing’s first of many residential towers rising in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. One Blue Slip’s branding reflects its waterfront location mixed with modern luxury design.

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Greenpoint Landing

Greenpoint Landing is a master-development being built in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The area has a lot of industrial history but is quickly becoming a burgeoning neighborhood for young adults. The branding is meant to appeal to a hip crowd while embracing its past.


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Veepio is an app that makes shopping through social media easier than ever. Their tracking software allows to tag any product in photos and videos. See something you like? Just tap on it and you’ll immediately be directing where to buy online.

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The Hall

The Hall is a new project in the Brooklyn Navy Yards. The area has a rich industrial past and is currently booming with renovated commercial space. The Hall will be a campus offering commercial space, retail, and more.

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