Architectural Digest: 242 Broome Photography

“What’s most thrilling about my work is going into a completely vacant space and asking myself, even asking the space, in a sense, ‘What does it need?'” As the head of the 20-person staging division for the hip design firm ASH NYC, Andrew Bowen couldn’t be better positioned to do what he loves. And, in an era where more and more developers are realizing the importance of model homes that feel less like personality-less sets and more like real, lived-in homes, Bowen is putting his penchant for thoughtful, layered interiors to good use. In his latest project, the model for 242 Broome Street—the first luxury condo building in the Lower East Side’s forthcoming Essex Crossing development—Bowen erases any trace of a sterile, newly built apartment by employing color, texture, and art for a visual feast that still feels streamlined. “A new building, when it doesn’t have any furniture in it, can feel sterile, and that’s why it’s so important to provide these model residences, to show how great a life you can have here,” Bowen muses. “You have these blank white walls and the world at your fingertips. You can do anything. Most people don’t have the vision to do all that in their head, so it’s our job to show how they can do it.” AD PRO got an exclusive look at the unit; follow along as Bowen talks us through the design.


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